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    Please keep anon or delete.

    So at work I am helping anothet department out. They have so much to do and are behind schedule. I do my very best and did most of the work. I then thought that if I stay behind longer hours without going over the hours I can I would clear the rest of the work as every day it keeps piling.

    I spoke to my manager about me staying behind and she said no. Next morning I see a higher manager randomly and he asks me how much work is left to do. I said loads. I also said I did suggest to stay behind and complete and just there he said of course you can , i will get you all hours you need.

    So I went over to the department and told someone to inform manager I will stay behind tomorrow and complete it.

    I then went back to my department and i wasnt busy so i went back to the department i was helping , went to the office and got the paper work and carried on with that. (Which iv done before too) as that afternoon i was not to be in i wanted to do some of it so the afternoon person wont have as much to do.

    10 minutes the manager that didnt allow me stay behind comes in with supervisor and graps the paper work out of my hand and tells me who asked you to take this, no one gave you permision. - i normally take it. I was quite shocked.

    They both left and i went back to my department. Then they both come and say we need to talk to you. Take me to the office. Then she said how i disrespected her. And i shouldnt have done what i did. And that i have no respect for her or the department.

    Which is not true as everyone knows how fond i am of the department and chose to help out when i dont have too.

    So i apologised and said i did not mean to disrespect. Im was really shocked.

    Then i came back to help and told another manager i no longer will he department as i though i was mistreated. I wa quite upset. I normally gave the paper work to her and instead I gave it to him.

    When my collegue found out i was no longer going to help she was very stressed out and upset and seeing her like this I said i will carry on.

    I want to speak to manager again and told her that the thought of her thinking i disrespected her upset me alot. And that i would help. She said ok.

    I have apologised since. And yesterday for xmas I just got her a box of chocolate. She was in the office i said happy xmas left it on her table and ran out.

    I apologised genuinely. But i think she is holding a grudge. :/ i dont know what else to do. Should i just leave it. I felt really bad never meant to disrespect her :/

    Just move on.
    She'll probably get over it soon enough.
    Not point stressing out over it, what more can you do? Nothing, just relax.
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