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    Evening & Merry Xmas,

    Around 2 weeks ago I found myself checking my tonsils (for some reason I can't remember) to which I discovered white spots all over them, this was swiftly followed by a Drs App. and given some antibiotics to clear them up. However, the Dr who seemed to be rushing through patients didn't even tell me what they were or what it could have been caused by - I tried to explain this situ but she didn't seem to acknowledge anything I was saying.

    After a week (and finishing the prescription) they significantly cleared up, however today I've noticed they seem to have re-appeared.

    Now,last month I lost my virginity and stupidly it was unprotected (it literally happened spur of the moment) - since then I've stuck purely to performing oral sex on my GF and wondering whether the these situations could align and be the route cause of what I'm experiencing ref my tonsils.

    My throat isn't sore, but my tonsils are slightly swollen and as said have a few white puss like spots on them.

    Obviously im not pointing fingers at my other half, but it just seems slightly coincidental that this has appeared again etc. I will be planning a Drs appt again in the new year, but was wondering whether other people have experienced similar symptoms etc?


    It probably is conicidental to be honest... this happens with tonsilitis.

    If you're at all worried, mention that this has occured shortly after having oral sex and ask to be tested. its the only thing that will put your mind at ease

    Pretty sure you just described tonsillitis.

    It's a pain in the... Well tonsils.

    If you've had it twice within a month or so though, you should really get it checked out. Might even need a tonsillectomy.
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    White spots on tonsils are not at all uncommon, especially in winter with lots of airborne viruses etc around. If they're enlarged or inflamed, you can wave them at a doctor, but otherwise they're basically doing their job.

    If you're really worried about the oral sex, you can go to a sexual health clinic and ask for a throat swab, but it's highly unlikely to be related. You could also go together. You will then know if you're both OK in terms of STIs or if anything needs treating. Once that's done, you can - assuming you trust each other - not worry about STIs again while you're together.
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