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Most of the Black protests in America dont make sense watch


    (Original post by Dariaandahsfan)
    If a black officer were to kill a white (black or any other POC ) they will be tried and prosecuted.
    Can you give me sources for the above information. I am not saying you are wrong but if you have them it would have weight to what the point you're making cos I'm not sure.

    (Original post by Dariaandahsfan)
    I agree with a lot of the things you have brought forth (to an extent.) The gun laws in America continued to astound me. Some people use this fact as an excuse to justify the discrimination of POC by the authorities. Yet it is clearly not sufficient. The Uk has discrimination, it is safe to say that the gun laws in America only serve to exemplify a whole range of problems. With that said, the fact that the usa is bigger or has more POC or the gun laws are hella stupid shouldn't be used an excuse to allow the discrimination of POC. I will not elaborate on instances in the Uk , though, as that is not the concern of the topic"

    Some of your points I would just like to adjust slightly to accommodate the wider picture. Though it's true that currently more black people are killed by black people this is the case of all if not the large majority of races. More White people are killed by white people and so on. This fact isn't relevant at all to the case of a white officer killing a black youth.

    Black people are documented to have killed other black people. Just like how white people kill white people. With the difference, though, in these two cases the victim receives justice considering the fact that the defendant in connection to the case is usually prosecuted accordingly. A white officer will usually be prosecuted for an unlawful killing of a white youth. A black officer will usually be prosecuted for an unlawful killing of a black youth, or any other race youth.

    If a black officer were to kill a white (black or any other POC ) they will be tried and prosecuted. This is often not the case for the White officer killing a POC. And you must remember we are talking about people in authority here, officers. Not just the common murderer, though even they are tried.

    And for anyone who comments on my 'usually', yes that is because other factors get in the way of the law though it shouldn't be the case. And regardless of this 'usually' it is a far better instance than the 'hardly ever' prosecution of white officers due to their killing of a POC.

    In reference to the child having a gun. True, in an ideal word he probably shouldn't have had a toy gun. Yet, there are instances of white children found in possession of a toy gun in public situations, and the measures taken proved a stark difference to that of Tamir rice's. Furthermore, whilst I agree with your point that some people, some black people even ,will exploit the situation of Ferguson and other racial events I do not believe this is a sufficient point to dismiss the protests as unnecessary and fake. People have to learn that like white people, a couple of black people who may be using the situation do not stand for the whole black population. Just because some are abusing the protests does not reduce the important reason behind the protests.

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    yea thats the point i was making. i werent saying they were wrong for protesting.

    just it seems wrong on the surface to media watchers because the ferguson case in isolation doesn't add up to the activity from the protesters. but as i said theres much more going on than just michael brown. so this isn't just about ferguson, even though thats what it says on the tin.

    and as i also said

    how else are black people suppose to act?

    cointelpro smashed the panthers
    farrakhan and al sharpton just want money

    so if theres no working class militancy and no middle class educated activism what else is left?

    the uneducated youth rioting.

    n thats really what we are seeing.

    its the youth who are without direction, that can see the same mistakes unsolved in an ugly future that they don't want to just wait around to receive. the elders have not led the way.
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