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i love living in scotland. I love being able to see mountains and sheep from my bedroom window, i love being a 20 minute train journey from one of the best city centres to shop in the UK, i love knowing people of so many different backgrounds, i love being able to ski every winter, i love living in a nice house with a garden, i love having the opportunity to study, i love having the opportunity to wander the streets freely, i love the fairness of money (generally, as opposed to other countries), i love being able to travel anywhere, i love living in a politically stable country, i love the freedom of speech, i love the endless range of career opportunities, i love being able to chuck letters in a red box and walk away, knowing they will get wherever i want them to go, i love being able to hear the bagpipes whenever i want to, (the best instrument ever, next to the piano ) i love glasgow slang, i love the paisley pattern, i love charles rennie and his squares, i love the food, i love tartan,... i could go on all night! (might update if i think of any more special ones)

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