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How are British tanks compared with German and Soviet tanks? watch

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    Is the Black Prince any good compare with Tiger I and KV series?

    Why compare slow 13x prototypes with production weapon platforms? How about the Comet and Centurion?

    British tanks started of better than German (Pz1 and Pz2 Vs Matilda 1 and Matilda 2) then the Germans took the lead as the Pz3 improved and the Pz4 upgunned. Lord Nuffield held tank production and design back due to some very unpatriotic empire building of his own. Fighter production a bit too. Silly man. Once the Meteor engine was available British tankbuilding never looked back. I'm not saying Rolls Royce won the war, but they certainly did their bit.

    PS what about the midwar KV-1 and T-34/76? Very effective. T-34/85? Good enough to take on the later German or British tanks with quantity having a quality of it's own. The Panther suffered from a fusy design that required more maintenence. Even more so because of employing slave labour. They were more than happy to sabotage production in such a way that it didn't show until combat.

    A chevron toothed drive gear could be made cheaply if you left a channel in the middle to lift out the grinding wheel. The angled teeth spead the drive load over about three teeth at once rather than one. Planetary gears being another way the Panther and Tiger could have dealt with heavy drive loads.
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