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    Hi all

    I was wondering if there is anybody out there who can help me in deal with this scenario?

    Basically I want to pursue a part time weekend self employed job where I can travel around the country and be out and about on the weekends.

    The problem is this, My family, my mother is a very strict religious individual who wants me to pray 5 times a day and stay in the house 24/7 and only leave the house for religious activities. She has often boasted to our family how I am a "good religious boy". The reason why I believe my mother wants to control my behaviour is my father was just a alcoholic who come from a very broken home and had a very rough childhood (domestic violence) where my mother has had to deal with the knock on effects. My brother has recently brought me a laptop and a subscription to Netflix to control my behaviour and make me watch TV programmes and Films on Netflix on my laptop. I believe he is trying to control my lifestyle due to me previously making friends with the wrong crowd. Furthermore I believe my brother wants to keep me in control because he wants to be the first to inherit the property owned by my father. To further complicate things I don't wish to live a reclusive, solitude religious lifestyle mainly because I do not really believe in religion and furthermore I have pretty much spent my teenager years watching TV and films which I am pretty much sick of.

    I have often stated how I want to leave the house and live on my own however my mother being a perfectionist insists on me living with her. Furthermore my brother wants me to live in the house as well but he is a hypocrite he stays out late at night has girlfriends and drinks alcohol compared and contrasted to me who is expected to remain in the house and live a religious lifestyle. I have been pretty much alone for the last couple of years due to mental illness and really want to leave the house on the weekends and travel my country and be out and about.

    The problem which I face is that I would have to explain to my parents and brother "Where I am on the weekend?". As in the Islamic religion it is considered wrong to work any position which does not involve being a Doctor / Dentist / Lawyer etc. I was thinking of telling them I have secured a position with a Law firm which have offices around the whole world and country and using this as an excuse to pursue my career as they would not really be happy with me being out and about on the weekends. (For example it was 10pm and my mother told my brother to text me where I am).

    Should I just let them know I am pursuing this role and not bother lieing? Reason why I do not want to tell them the truth is because anything I attempt to do the bottom line is, Sit in the house, pray 5 times a day, watch TV like a good boy.

    Can anybody help me?

    im in a similar situation to you actually
    im a muslim girl and my parents went on hajj in september ever since they pray 5 times a day and tell me to do fajr and give me looks now as i dont pray even though they didnt before they even suggested going to pray fajr in a mosque at 5am!
    my parents right now want me to stay home for uni and dont believe in me going away even though others may be better because they want me close to home where they can keep an eye on me
    you shouldnt lie to your parents thoug, you should talk to them about what you WANT to be and what youre interested in it doesnt always have to be lawyers and doctors as you may not enjoy that position. if they love you theyll support you no matter what if you explain to them your choices and reasonings
    good luck!

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