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    So basically I only applied to 3 UK universities: SOAS, Exeter, and Leeds. I'm not even considering Exeter because I didn't like it as much when I visited it the second time, and the offer is a bit bizarre - A*A*B.

    For SOAS my offer is AAA for International Relations and Chinese (but the admissions tutor I spoke with told me that they often let in people with AAB and even ABB, and nearly all of SOAS is in Clearing every year, so I'm not too stressed about this). From what I've heard of it, SOAS sounds like a place I'd absolutely love, plus their library is just amazing and I know London very well and love the city. The course is incredibly interesting to me and apart from admin issues / worries about job prospects, there aren't any negatives in this for me. Plus I'd be close (ish) to all my existing friends and family, which is nice.

    For Leeds my offer is AAB for Economics and Chinese. This seems like a far more solid course with very decent potential job prospects and besides, I've always liked stats and economics. It's not as massively interesting to me as politics, but I can always go into politics for postgrad, and having quantitative skills is certainly a good thing. I'm scared about moving to Leeds because I don't like clubbing that much, and apparently there's a Leeds stereotype of very attractive blonde sporty rich people? And I'm really not any of those things? But idk.

    Does anyone have any experience of studying at either of these places? I'd really appreciate some help/insight

    Hey! I'm hoping to go to SOAS when in my second year of college (wasted some time ) But, some of my friends are at SOAS, my father went to Leeds and I know lots of people who go to Leeds university because I only live 30 minutes away.

    But, by the sounds of it you've answered this for yourself.

    I mean, so many people have a degree now, and it's not even about what it looks like on paper and what score you get, because so many people do well so it's just numbers and statistics. What's more important is your happiness and how much you'll enjoy these three years of your life you only get once. If you think SOAS is the place you've develop most as a person and also the place where you'd become very passionate and if you think its overall more positive for you in terms of social and emotional development then go there.

    Regardless of crappy admin, it's a very academic university and it may not be Cambridge but it's unique and in today's Job Market being well rounded, well educated, passionate and to actually enjoy what you're doing will be far more beneficial to getting your ideal job and also so you're happy and passionate about what it is you're doing.

    It's not even about having 'skills' necessarily, I mean of course they are vital but if you are happy and passionate and you're buzzing about everything you'll learn all these technicalities with far more ease and enjoyment.

    If you're reluctant about going to Leeds then I'd say you clearly care about your environment and you also have this perception of what Leeds is like (Yes, there are lots of clubs. But yes, they are awesome ) Yeah, very attractive, usually depressed haha! Well, in no way will Leeds be as multicultural and open as SOAS so if I were you, I'd go to SOAS because there's no way you'll go, have an amazing time and look back and go "I absolutely love what I do, but I can't find a job because I didn't go to Leeds" Go to the place which is best for you on a personal level, that's honestly the most important thing.

    Also, close to friends and family? Alongside having so many new and amazing people to meet.

    At the end of the day if you go to SOAS and you LOVE IT and become overwhelmingly passionate about your field, you'll do well. If you go to Leeds, do well but the lifestyle and the place is stressful and you reset it, no matter if you get a first, it just won't be as worth it or as rewarding.

    But at the end of the day it's your decision but go for what will make you happy and not material gain and success.

    Best of luck and I hope you have a great time at University, I'm sure it'll be life changing!! x
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