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Distracting myself from trouble watch

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    Hi all,

    In my first year of uni I started sleeping with a guy casually who was gorgeous (probably out of my league), but a notorious player. I didn't mind as I wasn't looking for anything serious, but eventually, as usual, I started developing feelings and so cut it off, but we remained friends.

    We've stayed friends for the last two years and chatted a lot (although met up rarely, probably because he knew I wasn't going to put out), but no one's ever.... affected me this much before. It's like I haven't been able to stop thinking about him for 2 years. He's fun and a challenge and good looking and we have great conversations.

    BUT - I know, from knowing the way he speaks to me occasionally (when he's looking for sex) and knowing a few of his friends that he's a player and I don't ever think (even if he was interested, which I'm fairly sure he isn't) I could maintain a proper relationship as I couldn't trust him.

    So I need some advice. I've got 6 months left at uni (he's already graduated so no worries about him being around), but it's a small uni and the pickings are fairly slim in terms of male interests... I'm not really looking for a serious relationship but rather some companionship, but everyone I meet falls short of him and I can't feel much attraction towards anyone else even though I've tried.

    I know when I leave uni and move to another city I'll be meeting loads of new people and will hopefully find someone who excites me as much, but until then I can't get him off my mind and it's driving me crazy. I know it's best to stay away from him, and I am trying my best to but since there's not much else I'm finding it hard, even after deleting him from facebook etc, I still can't shake him from my mind.

    Any advice? I know I need distraction in some way shape or form but nothing I've tried as worked..
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    Personally, I'd just concentrate on my studies and forget about him. It sounds harsh, but, like you said, if you carry on seeing him then you may develop even stronger feelings and become attached, which could lead to you getting hurt. You will no doubt meet somebody who isn't such a player when you move away. Until then, I suppose it wouldn't hurt having a strings free kind of relationship, but be aware of becoming too attached. Good luck and I hope things work out for you.
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