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    I'm 16 and am in Year 11. I've been working at a 5 star hotel near London since September as a casual waitress. I do pretty long hours and probably do more shifts than any other waitress. I usually work Thurs and Friday nights and all day Saturday but it depends on events the hotel is hosting. Currently I am being paid £4.87 an hour. My old job was £7 an hour.

    My boss was looking for more staff and he asked me if I had any friends interested. So I asked someone I was at school with and she looked on the hotels website for an application form. On the website it now says the pay is £5.50-£7.30 an hour depending on experience. The job description also says it is ideal for those still in school to work around studying.

    I asked some of the other employees who are between 16-18 what they are earning. One said she is on £6 an hour, another said £7 and I asked someone who is fulltime who used to work in my sector of the hotel when he was 16 and he said he was on £7 an hour when he was in Year 11.

    I then asked one of the adults who is a part time waitress how much she earns and she was in shock when I told her I was only on £4.87. She said if I didn't go to management she would because I do an 11hr shift and will get around £50 for it which is really bad when I work just as hard as anyone else.

    Also, is it against my rights as a worker if the job is advertised for more than I actually get paid? How do I approach management with this without looking rude? I'm so unhappy that they are advertising my role for more money on their website!!

    The only way to find out why you're being paid less than your colleagues is to go ask.

    They are legally allowed to pay you that, as it over the minimum wage for your age. As if they want the could be paying you less at £3.79. From what i can see is that the waging mentioned on the website is the wages they would be paying someone who is over 18. I know it really sucks that you are being pay such a little amount. My wage when i was working at 18 (apprentice wage) was £4 an hour, and i did as much work as all the others. but because of my position they were able to pay me that amount.

    And no, it isnt against your rights, as they can change the pay for new contracts that they will make and keep the ones previous the same. (trust me i have studied Contract Law), as when you signed your contract you agreed to the wage you are on. When you have signed it you have agreed to the terms and conditions that the contract is subject to and thus the amount of work you do for the amount agreed to. Others your age might get more pay but thats the way things go sometimes.
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