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Do you or your surroundings still view homosexual males as feminine? watch


    (Original post by keromedic)
    Definitely seems to be significant. I'm not too surprised by the study, if reliable. And I've never been offended by people saying they have a gaydar. It just becomes problematic when you're expected to fit within the confines of a stereotype .

    What I was disagreeing with was L'evil saying that gay people act the way they do for attention.
    Nah I don't think they do it for attention. I think if anything they exaggerate those stereotypical traits - subconsciously or consciously - because it makes them feel more secure in their own sexuality. Obviously sexuality is a huge part of our social identity and so we will base a lot of our actions around stereotypes of what that sexuality will do. You see this in the way black folk behave in America, the way wealthy classes in society behave and so on.

    It's interesting though that gays do this because by doing it they make the stereotype persist even longer even though it isn't true - and this study proves it, only 60% of openly gay man have notable feminine qualities? 40% of openly gay man don't look gay and what about all the closed-gay-man, presumably very very few of them would have notable feminine qualities - maybe as many as how many straight men have such? Therefore they cancel one another out and we can safely say all closed gay man don't look gay (although I acknowledge that's technically incorrect, but statistically true), and only 60% of openly gay men look gay. I think it's fair to say the vast majority of gays still haven't come out. So the vast majority of gays are not obviously gay and chances are if you know someone is gay that means they've told you and that means they are far more likely to exaggerate their "gayness".
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