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    my tutor at university is rubbish and I have no one to ask!

    I was diagnosed with clinical depression 2 days ago and I have my final year exams in a week, I feel that i can't complete these exams due to everything that has happened!

    does anyone know if youre meant to submit for EC before the exams or afterwards?

    I'm worried if i submit it before that they can say i still should have gone to the exams although i havent been able to revise/concentrate?

    Has anyone been through this before?

    thank you
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    Usually you submit the forms before the exams if it's something that affected you in advance.

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    If you think that anything could affect your exam results that you foresaw or could have foresaw you need to bring it up to the faculty before the exam. E.g. a person who had received support for depression for 3 years.

    If anything affected your exam result that you did not foresee e.g. first episode of depression, bereavement of close family member...then you can apply after the exam.

    You've only just been diagnosed, therefore it can be said that you have not received any additional support for your condition yet, so you could apply after the exam. However I would still recommend notifying them before, especially if you don't want to sit it this semester and would rather rest when your condition is better managed

    This is how things were managed at my Uni anyway. Different places have different policies, but as a rule MC/EC is only applicable to a new consequence of a condition, or a new condition. If one is already given support e.g. through the Disability Team (who often manage students with mental health difficulties too) and was already covered as a reasonable adjustment, then it is not considered applicable to apply for EC. The reason being that there's the opinion you have been given time to learn to manage the symptoms of the condition, and reasonable adjustments already.

    I repeat you have been diagnosed only 2 days ago so MC/EC should certainly be applicable! Any EC moderation board which thinks a third year can sit exams after revising for just 2 days is evil and corrupt

    All the best

    You could try but, at my uni, you have to give the forms in 4 weeks in advance in order to file for extenuating circumstances.

    Learned this last year when I broke my index finger 3 weeks prior to my exams...luckily for me, I am a fast healer. =P

    I'm due to sit two exams this week, but because of an anxiety disorder I wont be sitting them for similar reasons to yourself. At my university I'm able to submit an EC form up to five days after the exam was due to take place, as long as there is medical evidence attached.

    It would be best if you contacted your studies adviser, they'll be able to give you the right advice
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