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Seriously don't have a clue what to write! I'd be stuffed if this came up in the exam, what do you make of it?

(a) Study Sources 1, 2 and 3.

How far do Sources 1, 2 and 3 suggest that it was theirlinks with rebellion in 1536 that brought about the dissolution of the greatermonasteries and abbeys in the years 1537– 39?

Explain your answer, using the evidence of Sources 1, 2and 3.

(From EdwardHall’s Chronicle, a history of the early Tudors published 1542. Hall was aLondon lawyer and MP in the Reformation Parliament.)

In February[1536] the Parliament met at Westminster, which made many good and wholesomelaws.One of these gave to the King,with the consent of the great and fat abbeys, all religious houses of the valueof 300 marks and under, in the hope that their great monasteries would stillcontinue. But even at that time one speaker said in the Parliament House, thatthese were like little thorns, but the great abbeys were like rotten old oaksand they must follow.

(From a reportsent to Thomas Cromwell’s office by Sir William Fairfax in 1537. Fairfax hadleased Ferriby Priory near Hull, which was seized by rebels from nearby duringthe Pilgrimage of Grace in 1536 and restored to the monks.)

The monasterieswhich were not suppressed make friends and stir up the poor to stick by them.The monks who were suppressed inhabit the villages round their monasteries anddaily urge the people to put them in again.

(From thedocument signed by Abbot Roger Pyle surrendering Whalley Abbey to the King in1537 after the monks took part in the Pilgrimage of Grace. The abbey was ownedby the great monastery of Furness.)

I, Roger, abbotof the monastery of Furness, knowing the evil life lived by the brethren ofWhalley Abbey, do freely and wholly surrender the said abbey unto the King’sHighness. I grant to him and to his heirs for evermore all its lands, rents, possessions,goods and chattels. And henceforth I shall be ready whensoever I shall becalled upon, to confirm, ratify and establish this my deed.

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