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Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help me decide what course I should choose!

My dilemma is that I can't leave home due to family circumstances meaning that I only have a choice of 2 universities (living in Northern Ireland).

One option is to study Law at the University of Ulster, however I am aware that it is fairly low in the rankings (around 70) so I was wondering if I should study there? Ideally I'd love to be a solicitor, but if that doesn't work out I would want to know if a Law degree from there would be better than a History degree from Queens University Belfast.

In an ideal world I'd apply to Queens for Law, but I don't have AAA so that isn't an option. However, I'm equally passionate about History and have the grades to study it at Queens, so there lies my dilemma.

I have been told that the job prospects in areas other than being a solicitor would be better with a Law degree but unsure considering that the university I'd be applying too isn't great.

I really need advice on this and have no idea who else to ask!
Tyler Bam
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Hey, sorry to see you haven't had any replies to your thread yet. Are you sure you’ve posted in the right place? Posting in the specific university or course forum should help get more responses.

If you haven’t already found it, then university connect is a really useful way for finding people at your course/university! You can also find a list of applicant threads and courses here. It's worth checking out if you have questions.

If you need advice on your academic work, then the Study Help section will be able to help you. Hope this helps!

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