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("Knowledge of the future" - Would you feel cheated?) watch

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    Take care - the following is hypothetical and should be treated as such.

    You're an office apprentice working in a small firm, 7YP2**. Recently, a new starter, a young woman, has been eagerly befriending you in the past few days. It's quite clear that she really wants to be really good friends with you (as in "most close of close friends") - but nothing more than that (she's made that clear).

    Passing over many details (the science, rational explanation etc), you find out that your new friend has been trying to become really close friends with you because of her strong belief (she says "strong knowledge" - she fancies herself a "seer of the future", you see) that you're inevitably going to be (2 decades from now) the founder and owner of 8X3F**, a successful company worth hundreds of millions of pounds (see below).

    Would you feel betrayed? (We're assuming of course that you believe that she has really "seen/experienced the future". Therefore, believing that she really has experienced the future, would you feel cheated by her motives for friendship?)

    8X3F - A British company, with Scottish origins. Its operations are primarily concerned with selling specialised software (and support) to certain consumer firms (vague for a reason, duhh). Its origins trace back to 7YP2, a small Scottish firm.

    7YP2 - A small Scottish firm with an office in southern England. It was started by 2 postgraduates, one of whom had previously worked in a well-known international software company. It currently serves a dozen clients (small businesses), selling specialised software etc and support to them. In the 2020s, you and another worker left to start your own outfit, before you finally parted ways, leaving you to start 8X3F, a firm which would go on to win clients across Europe and East Asia, earning seven figures in profit in only its 4th year of trading.

    1. If you have read this far - well done.

    2. If you understand what the entire story means, write a post explaining what you believe it to mean/signify.

    3. If you understand what '7YP2' and '8X3F' stand for, write a post detailing such and then provide the next 4 characters in the "sequence".

    4. If you have gotten this far without frowning in confusion - answer this question: "What planet is intrinsically related to this scenario?"

    5. Finally, if you sincerely believe that this scenario is true (and the characters starring in it - namely, the apprentice and the young woman), then write a post explaining why.

    6. Finally (I'm being serious now!), let us hypothetically imagine for a second that a secret evacuation of Earth is quietly and secretly being planned and prepared for. Please post the exact date (within 4 decades from now i.e. from 2015 to 2055) that you think the actual evacuation will take place, thoroughly explaining your answer (even if it's just "I dunno, I'm just guessing").
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Updated: December 28, 2014
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