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    So basically I have annoyed a majority of my friends due to the fact when I seem to drink alcohol - everything I hold in sober, spills out and it causes drama; since I always just end up being emotional and crying. It's been a bit of a bad year tbh and I don't think I have been coping that well...

    One friend says that they ain't interested in getting the whole group together for a while (since other night drama again - this time though it was caused by another friend) and another friends said he's fed up of it all and doesn't want owt to do with me.. Even though he's been in worse States then me and got arrested one time and nearly two times after as well...

    How do I make it up to them?? I feel like I should perhaps keep myself to myself for a while and try and sort my issues out but I don't wanna come across as im pushing them away either. I just feel ashamed, guilty and humiliated atm :/

    You're not going to be able to behave differently when you are drunk, that is beyond anyone mortal person's ability. So you have choices:

    - only mix with people who don't care what you're like when you are drunk. Don't go here, it is the worst path.
    - stop drinking. Ha, ha, ha, right! So easy to say, so hard to do.
    - learn techniques to manage your alcohol intake.

    Eat heavily before drinking. Start later. Drink slower by taking sips and putting the glass/bottle down each time. Drink weaker drinks. Drink longer drinks. Stay off shorts and chasers. Never go more than 2 hours of drinking without eating again (e.g. get some nachos or a wrap, it needn't be a big meal). When you get a round in, cheat and get yourself a J2O.

    That'll help delay the point where you get drunk and emotional, hopefully to the point where they're too drunk to notice anyway.

    That should help prevent, or at least reduce, such situations in future.

    Nobody ever seems to say: it takes time to learn how to drink heavily and there are techniques for managing one's behaviour when doing so. Nobody starts out good at it except those who are blessed with an aversion to alcohol.
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