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Choosing Med Schools - How did you start?? watch

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    (Original post by rmandala)
    Do you mind me asking why you didn't go to any open days? because i know many people have used them as a deciding factor between choices and also when did you do your BMAT?? cos like with the UKCAT i've heard different things so I'm a bit confused.
    People do use open days to decide it for them a lot. I am not sure that's necessarily a good thing to do though. In my mind, an open day is far more influenced by how sunny it is, how charismatic/funny the admissions lecturer is and whether your guide is attractive or not than any actual factors that will influence your med school experience/career. Up to you though - things like seeing rooms are definitely useful.

    Its also important to check out the town/city you'll be living in for a very large chunk of your near future.

    While its a bit feeble to pick a Uni based on what the nightlife is like, you do at least need to like the look of the place and feel its the right sort of place for you. Often people's preconceptions about a city they don't know are totally wrong and they are surprised when they drive through it on the way to an Open Day or on a bus-tour organised as part of the Open Day.

    At the very least make sure you visit the Uni before deciding on your Firm - even if you just go and look around on an ordinary day. Getting to Uni next October and feeling very disappointed about what you find is way too late to wish you'd done your homework in a bit more detail!

    It is very important to visit Medical schools on their open days and ask difficult questions. The answers to your questions will guide you to the more organised and student friendly University's. E.g.
    Do you have personal tutors while you are in hospital placements? If the answer is no ask what support is given and by whom?
    Does the University check the standards of teaching in placements?
    Do you get revision time before your finals, or other exams?
    How many errors have been made that have required students to redo (not resit) exams.
    What is the general feed back time for results from exams?
    How much time will be spent on travelling to and from various Hospitals i.e. University of Nottingham uses Queens Nottingham, City Nottingham, Derby Royal, Boston, Lincoln, Mansfield and Chesterfield and you may well have to commute back to Nottingham for Lectures that are compulsory.
    If you cannot or do not drive this may cause a problem.
    Large city's have large traffic problems, it can take an hour and a quarter to travel about 3 miles from the City hospital to Queens med.
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