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Where is the furthest you have been away from home?

the furthest i have been is from the North of England to the North of France.

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I live in the west Midlands. The furthest I have travelled is either Durban, South Africa or Thailand/Singapore. I don't have a map so I don't know which is further.

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From South-East England to Japan
Bristol to Nairobi
Ivory Coast to the USA
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A better question would be: where is the furthest away you have been from your accommodation.

If you think about it, there's nothing exciting about paying a thousand pounds for holiday in southeast Asia and staying in the hotel which more or less equates to your (temporary) home.

So much more interesting would be to discuss what was the furthest distance between people and their place of accommodation. It rarely exceeds 80 miles.
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Original post by stehay
the furthest i have been is from the North of England to the North of France.

UK---->Madagascar or USA
Israel, which is ironic considering it is meant to be my homeland lol.
I went to Tesco by myself once. I generally try not to leave the house though.
Up your butt with a coconut.


Southern Argentina, over 8000 miles, though I was also in Japan and Hawaii and they are pretty far.
The furthest I've been is Moscow, Russia.
Nakuru, Kenya.

In terms of one day as suggested by an above poster.. once went to John O'Groats on a whim when I was staying in Aviemore, which is about 140 miles. Not worth the visit.

Edit: Actually, just remembered that my friend and I used to go on day trips to Europe - fly out early in the morning and then fly back late the same evening. Furthest we went doing that was probably Stockholm.
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South West England to Florida

Within Europe - either Minorca, Venice or Berlin.
Excluding holidays, the furthest away from home I have lived for an extended period of time is Edinburgh, 80 miles up the road from home. Furthest away holiday destination was Reykjavik.

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Thailand and Singapore (from MK in the UK)
Uk to hong kong

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