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Alex Kudrasev
Report 18 years ago

As discussed, software sellers and developers should be made aware products such as KeyCD are
available sooner rather than later. When their product has been completed there is little time or
room to move.

In the case of KeyCD, there are also significant benefits that can be had if incorporated at an
early stage of design.

Can you please pass this onto your clients / any parties you believe can benefit. Again, I will be
more than pleased to start some sort of forum, discussion or newsletter regarding copyright


Alex Kudrasev Art-Technology-Australia

KeyCD Copyright Protection System

How it works: Although there are many options, KeyCD provides a Gateway into a program, it's
datafiles or both. Typically, one would allow 30 days trial before the Gateway shuts down. During
this period the customer can pay and receive a key to unlock the installation past the 30 days.

Each installation requires a different key to open it's Gateway. Therefore one cannot buy one CDROM
and then share it around.

KeyCD is ideal for CDROM distribution and Internet distribution. One KeyCD protects all.

What KeyCD Protects: Applications and datafiles: such as PDFs, DOCs, Flash, AVIs, MPEGs, MP3s etc.
32 bit or 16 bit, in 32 bit environment

Additional Benefits: The KeyCD Gateway can be customised for you particular application.

The frontend Gateway can provide 'splash screen', navigational, copyright, legal and many other
dedicated functions.

In addition, we have developed the 'Administrator' KeyCD based training system which provides a
ready made, copyright protected training 'shell', ideal for distribution of training courses.
Including user defined exercises, assessment and certification, Administrator can seamlessly combine
material developed in any format into one training package.

KeyCD can save significantly on costs if it is incorporated early in the development phase, thus
utilising it's ready to use features.

Enquiries: [email protected]

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