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I am a student currently studying AS Business Studies, Maths and Physics. I am planning on starting my revision this week and would like to know have I left my revision too late? I am aiming for 3 A's as I wish to do engineering at University (Electrical and Electronic or Computer) and therefore need a minimum of 3 A's this year as well as next year. I do have my revision notes done for Physics and Business Studies (except I still need to do three more topics for Business). Originally I planned to start revision in November which then got pushed back to last week and obviously now I have to start otherwise I'm in trouble but am I just worrying over nothing? Is this when most of TSR would begin their revision? Any help would be appreciated. I also do have a timetable which consists of revision from now till February for unit 1 content. February till half through April will be unit 2 and the second half of April till the first half of may will again be unit 1 and The second half of May till June will be unit 2. My revision each week will consist of 50 minutes worth of Business revision in the evening followed by 50 mins of Physics revision in the evening. On Sunday's I will revise whatever unit 2 content I have learnt for Physics and Business in that week. Also on two days a week I will be revising a subject twice e.g. on Tuesday I will revise 50 mins of Business followed by 50 mins of Physics followed by 50 mins of Business again. I will then repeat that cycle on Thursday. For Maths I plan to do two exercise each day and I release that on a Monday I will have to do Unit 2 exercises because I have Maths on Monday whilst Tuesday I can return to Unit 1 content. I go college so I plan to do Maths revision in frees and Physics revision and Business revision at home in the evenings. I plan to study my stats unit for maths on the weekend.Anyway sorry am I stressing out unnecessarily?


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