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    I've yet to get my references (they've not come back with them yet) and my predicted grades, but I am having basically a major freak-out about the whole lot. I intended to start this college year motivated, inspired, and ready and able to do the work. I started well, and then a few weeks ago, I had a bit of a breakdown. Cried for days, skipped a few lessons, was completely unmotivated and questioning the point of going to university, of UCAS, etc.

    Depression isn't anything new to me, and it's something I've had for...well, yonks, really. But it hadn't been as bad as a few weeks ago (I've never been at the point when the actual COLLEGE tells me to take a few days off, even when it's half-term soon). I'm a bit worried about how my predicted grades and references will go. If they bring it up, will it go against me ("oh, she can't cope with the work")? The only one who knows fully about the problem is my Psychology teacher, and she seems to think I'll do well despite this (she's a sympathetic teacher, and told me that if I ever needed to talk, she's there). My Biology teacher knows bits and bobs, but not the full score, and my Philosophy teacher doesn't know a thing about it.

    I haven't been concentrating in class at all and I've rarely been motivated (it's only now, when I actually managed to start doing my UCAS form, that I sort of "came out" of the down period, and got on with it), and I am so worried that this will be marked against me on my UCAS references. I know I'm underachieving in class, not doing nearly as well as I KNOW I'm capable of. How will this affect my predicted grade?

    Would it be worth talking to the teachers? I've got half-term now, but I might go into college within the week to talk to them, ask them to let me prove to them that I can achieve at more than what I'm doing now, and that I am worth putting a good reference for.

    Argh! Sorry about all the questions! Any help would be fantastic!

    Yes, you should very motivated now or at least remorseful for your actions in the past, so you should definitely try to convey your message across to your teachers.

    You'd need to be fairly thick-skinned for this, but hey, it's your future we're talking about here so you should go for it.

    I think you may just impress/shock them enough into giving your application that boost which you need so much.
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    Have you gone to your doctor about this? They will be able to help you, and you could also get a doctor's note so your school know you're ill and not just messing around.

    This will help with your future, because you don't want to be underperforming in your exams. If you have a doctor's note, you can apply for special consideration from the exam board.

    Hmmn, I tried to skim through your post so if I left/misunderstood anything, sorry...

    I take it that your teachers have noticed that you're feeling a bit down and if they think that its because youre questioning university and school and etc, they might write your reference with slight trepidation coz who says you'll cope with uni then...so unless your reference writer is someone who you can trust not to mention any really negative things or a referee who knows your true strength and character, and that you're not always like that ie usually motivated, and what you can ultimately contribute to your intended uni, don't tell them...I think, at least, that's my opinion.

    Other than that, stay strong! From what I read, you seem like a great person so keep smiling or if not, figure out why not and why you just suddenly freaked out...had to be some trigger. but keep believing in urself...

    Big hug... wait, I don't think my post helped...oops...

    (Original post by Nutter)
    Yes, you should very motivated now or at least remorseful for your actions in the past, so you should definitely try to convey your message across to your teachers.
    Remorseful for suffering from depression?

    lostinfantasies: I shouldn't think this will have a huge effect on your reference but you should probably make sure. Before your teachers write their bit, see if you can get your psychology teacher to send a message to the others, or to mention in person, that there is a reason and that you're having a tough time. I had similar problems and I mentioned it to one teacher, who got in touch with a deputy head, who sorted out some counselling for me. That teacher then went on to forget this and treated me like a slacker etc for the rest of the two years but meh. The deputy head was lovely though. They don't go around telling the teachers what the matter is as it's private, and unless you tell someone the full story you can't be sure any of them are aware. If your psychology teacher knows everything, then perhaps you could ask her to mention it to someone higher up? If you want, obviously. You need to make sure that your teachers are told that there is a problem though, or they'll just think you're a bad pupil and treat you as such, which won't help you when you're trying to stay happy. Hope this helps.

    Who will be writing your reference? If it's your psychology teacher, you'll be fine because she either won't mention it or will put a positive spin on it. If it's someone else, I'd take Ronove's advice and make sure they're aware of the sitution, either by telling them yourself or asking your psychology teacher to. If possible, get a doctor's note as well. As for predicted grades, I doubt they'll change just because of a bad few weeks, but if they do, just talk to your teachers once they're aware of the situation and I'm sure they'll change them back.

    Yes! Talk to them, or if it's hard to do that, email them! I remember I had a lot of problems in school and I was constantly off due to them. I had so many teachers comment on my lack of attendance in my report (appart from one who knew the reason why and instead of a report wrote me a very long and sweet letter!). They just didn't know the circumstances. I read something about it today on one of the boards. Just tell your teachers. It's hard to admit to a problem but it will help you. If you really don't want to do it do try to send an email or even get a teacher to speak to them for you (whoever in the college told you to stay off).

    It's hard to try to work when you feel like that, but you're going to have to really try.By speaking to your teachers they may even be able to help you to catch up or go over work you missed, either by not being in lesson or by being unable to concentrate.

    Best of luck. I'm sure you can do this. Teachers are used to these sorts of things and so will definately help you to get the glowing references you deserve. I shouldn't think, if they know the circumstances, it should harm you at all. If you're worried about your predicted grade ask them and tell them what you think you are capable of and likely to achieve.

    Take care. xxx

    P.S. Feel free to PM me if you need a listening ear.
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    Thanks everyone .

    Will definitely talk to my teachers after half-term. I did wonder how a lot of students WITH severe depression coped with the pending UCAS letters and eventually university!

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