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Hey guys so ive got my mocks on the first 2 weeks back to school. The first week of the holidays i was really busy and had weddings to go to outside of London so only spent two days revising. Ive been revising non stop this week and have been waking up 7 am to start. (shows how determined and serious i am about this)
Today im revising English - of mice and men. Ive so far in detail annotated half the book. I am now going to make revision notes on record cards with the key themes, main characters, quotes, historical context etc.
I would dearly appreciate it of someone could post me some revision notes of links to good sites for of mice and men.
I would be sooo grateful for any help on of mice and men and will be delighted if you can give me some revision notes.
Please please help, ive got so much revision to do and im and A / A* student so cannot flop my mocks.
Thanks in advance, any thing will be much appreciated.
Also if any one needs any help, ur welcome to message me
Moreover, i will be giving reps

p.s if anyone had any revision booklets or notes or even websites for additional or further science (AQA), maths (EDEXCEL), geography, Business studies (EDEXCEL) and French (EDEXCEL) please send them to me.
I will do all i can to also help you in any of these subjects
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Just know the book - Read the book a few times
key events, pivotal moments, characters, themes, ideas, historical context, structure and langauge and why the writer has used/done this.
Good Luck

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