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    got them on tues any1 else?????

    is it just me or is mod 5 exam a *****!there so much you just ahve to learn not a lot u need to understand-which i hate beacuse u get taught it by chalk n talk. no fun!n most of all what i hate is that in the exam u just have to sit n try n remember stuff rather than understanding it like u have to for the organic stuff n the maths bit. all thid aqua inos n TMs is not good.

    oh n the multiple choice paper....that a joke-its the pub quiz for a levekl chemist...just a damn sight harder!!!i hate that paper!
    does any1 know how much of my final grade thats worth. i need 130 point UMS from mod 5 n 6(cswk n ot exam) to get an A.

    mod 5 is 20% mod 6 is 10% (coursework or practical is 5%). ***** of an exam to revise for i agree_ u have to kno mod4 in depth for 5! (and 6). dun everythin apart from mod4 now - hopefully tomorow and monday will be enuf. itl have to be...

    mod 1+2+3 = 50%
    mod 4+5=40%
    mod6( a level practicle cswk and multiple choice exam)=10%

    that right???
    or have i got i mixed up

    mod1+2+3 = 50%
    mod 4 = 15%
    mod 5 = 20%
    cwk OR practical = 5%

    oops and unit 6= 10%

    cheers. so 130 marks from the two remaining exasm n cswk-which i dont know what is core on shouldnt be too bad. say 80 on mod 5 n 30 on the multiple choice(thats half marks) n hopefully 20/30 on the cswk that i did.

    any revision tips for chemistry then folks?

    Yep, i'm also having issues with module 5 and the synoptic stuff. i had to resit module 4, and that was the easy one. I'm most worried about the synoptic section B in module 5. Looks like a *****. and catalysis is going in one ear and out the other.

    i totally haven't done enough revision, i've just had way too much work on. when will it all stop? aaaaahhhh!!

    How many reactions of transition metals do there want to be??
    its such a joke.

    on the multiple guess paper - is 30 really half marks? isnt it out of 80? i have no clue

    i thought mod 4 was pretty dire though may have been improved with bit more revision perhaps!!


    Dnt knw abt u folks, but my teacher gave me a whole book (stapled together) with about 200 q's on every topic on mod 5 (with answers), Been throught that today (took 8 hrs- no joke) but i think im ready for that. the multi choice and section b is mainly mod 4 stuff, so revise that just as well, and do some past papers! AdZ

    well 30is half in terms of ums

    yeah mod 4 comes up loadz in the part b. jst lots a practice qs
    the multiple choice testis weird buthey thats a level chem

    haha lol - dyu feel like scanning it to help us all out??

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