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I am looking for a bit of career advice and guidance from people that have more experience in the profession than I do.

I am currently 21 years old, I went into accounting straight from high school at 16 years old, working as an accounts assistant whilst studying aat part time.

I then moved to a slightly bigger accountancy practice around 2 years ago as my first firm were struggling financially and I have now finished my AAT. I worked my way up slightly and was getting good experience in producing accounts with the support of a manager and I was enjoying the role until around 4 months ago when a member of staff left and I was told I was taking over the VAT department which I saw as a step back career-wise as the majority of the work is entering invoices or typing up bank statements. So, when I was told this I quietly got in with it but have been applying for other jobs in industry and attending interviews but I have found it slightly more difficult than anticipated to make a change over to a good industry role with study support (preferably CIMA)

So I am currently at a bit of a crossroads, and I feel slightly frustrated with the profession itself as I'm not progressing as much as I'd like to be, so I need to decide what route I'm going to take.

My current boss will support me to do ACCA, also a friend of mine told me I can enroll this coming February and its not the firm itself I have a problem with its just the role, its a nice enough place to work, the moneys not great but it is quite flexible (compared to my last industry interview where I was told at month end I may have to work 10/11 hour days etc) However I'm just getting a bit bored of the role and there isn't great room to progress internally.

So anyway I'll get to the point and ask; you do you think I should just keep quiet and keep applying for more exciting industry roles/opportunities and hope that I am succesful in the next couple of months or go and have a sit down with my employer, talk to him about starting ACCA and tell him Im getting bored of the role itself and whether I could take on some more responsibility. A lot of the roles I've seen advertised that I'm not quite qualified for yet tend to state ACCA or CIMA so maybe I shouldn't stress to much about getting into industry sooner rather than later?

Thanks in advance
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I don't really know much about accountancy unfortunately. But it seems like you have a good qualification, and there should be lots of opportunities. I would definitely see if there are opportunities to get promoted to a higher position within your existing firm, and a conversation with your supervisor would be a good option.

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