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Thinking about self harming again watch

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    I work with cats so I had the excuses for the cuts and scars built in

    But OP those who have said that self harming creates more problems than it solves are soooo right, you do not want the added stress of worrying about covering them and lying and wondering if people think you are a loony.
    Also I would say if you haven't started yet I really really urge you to think before you do because once you've done it once that's when it becomes really hard to stop, it's kind of like an addiction. But if you've never tried it you'll have to use other methods of coping and it'll be easier not to turn to SH if that makes sense

    I use to self harm for a while. It made me feel very stupid afterwards. It felt like i couldn't even control myself, i felt childish. The scars made it worse, it was like a constant reminder of how badly i reacted to my problems. So i advice you against it. There are worse problems in life whatever it is. Hurting yourself might be a temporarily relief, but not the cure. Plus you might get addicted.
    Try reading a book to get your mind of things.

    Physically hurting yourself to relieve yourself of emotional pain, is not healthy.
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    to the op:
    self harming won't fix anything and it can be very addictive. have a bath or punch a pillow or try something from http://selfharm.net/self.html#match, it's much less destructive

    (Original post by Azzle)
    when i used to do it i had to do the bleep test for school. i wore a jumper for it to cover it up. haha. i almost died. funny tho, the teachers never mentioned the jumper wearing...
    what's the bleep test?

    (Original post by [email protected])
    Seriously, f**k the *******s who think it's a stupid question, and that I'm unqualifed to ask this, how in the hell does self harming help?!?!?!?
    http://selfharm.net/why.html has some reasons

    the bleep test's where a tape machine's set up and there's beeps that are a certain time apart. You have to run a certain distance between the beeps (usually the width of a sports hall). As you go on, the beeps get quicker.

    therefore a lot of running, very hot...and mixed with a jumper...
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