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Hey guys,
I am creating a blog about surveillance (how the government is spying on its citizens and the secrets Snowden released). The blog that I am creating is aimed at entertainment. It is not meant to be a serious blog its jut a blog for informing the audience and entertaining them at the same time. I have created three posts already but I just feel like I need to add more posts and that the blog seems dull and less entertaining. I have thought of adding posts about Anonymous the hacktivist group and NSA but I don’t know like what sort of posters I could create or should I create videos that are animated to inform the audience about the hacktivist group and its views and opinions about government surveillance. I am just confused I don’t know what is best. I have also played around with the themes trying to find the best one but the one I found I am not sure if it suits the blog.
Here is a link to my blog. I just want someone to please check it for me and tell me what they think.
Thank you

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