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I'm moving from Malaysia to the UK in August to start my A Levels and I'm not sure what to expect - I'm pretty nervous because I've heard very varied reports of it.
Also, I haven't lived in the UK recently and I'm scared that I'll dress and/or act differently from the locals. Any advice?
My problem is that I look very British even though I'm half Malaysian so I can't really use the 'I'm a foreigner' excuse if I do something wrong, especially around strangers.
For example, do you give waiters tips all the time? Do you have to pay to use public bathrooms and if so, how much is it on average (like one pound?)
How do I address adults? Do I say things like ma'am or sir?
Sorry I must seem like an idiot but having only lived in the UK for a year after I was born I honestly have no clue what to expect from living there - especially as my family won't be there with me to prod me along.
Any advice much appreciated x

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