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I am not like my class mates thinking about growing up I feel like I am 5 I want to be a smart 5 year old i don't want to be treated like an adult they expect me not to cry and they have little emotion and you are expected not to cry to be sensible and stuff. At school I am sensible but at home I want to hug my mum but she is busy and keeps saying grow up or not now. I don't want to grow up I want to be treated like a 5 year old have little expectations and not have to accomplish some much such as go to uni do a level I feel like this is making me depressed and when I feel like 5 I am happy I do not think about those things i never will move out of my mums house. I know I can't make this stop and will have to go to uni do a level and stuff but can you give me a word of encouragement In school kids bully me as I wear a long skirt upto my knees random people who I do not know I hate school the teachers are good but I hate being picked on because of my appearence I want to wear a long skirt as i like it that way i won't change it for anyone. I am not someone who would fight and when I come home I am sad and don't want to grow up and when i act like i am 5 i feel happy and I feel like no one will harm me but my mum is busy and angry because I want to hug her all the time i can't help it. I want to be happy
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Forget what everyone else says about you, when you are older most people wont care about what you wear.
The people who like you will speak to you whilst anyone who doesnt like you will probably just ignore you.

Other than that I'm not too sure to say about the rest... :confused::confused:

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