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Okay so I'm really struggling with this commentary. I've fully analysed it and chosen the parts I want to quote and talk about etc, but I can't add my personal opinion. I don't know why but I can't think of what to right.

Anyone got any ideas as to how I could figure out what to write? This is so stressful!

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It's easy to pass this by doing fairly basic analysis and comment. Best way to tackle it would be a structure where you make a point, reference the techniques, then explain the effect of the techniques in relation to the whole peice.

I've been writing about Debussy's L'apres Midi - for example I've written things along the lines of: The solo monophonic flute line lacks tonal gravity. The combination of irregular rhythms -semi-quaver triplets, dotted rhythms- and chromaticism spanning the range of a dissonant tritone, renders the flutes tonal centre ambigious and suggests a free, gently flowing nature, which echos that of the faun the flute is meant to be depicting. This line's expressive quality is intesified through a lack of harmonic resolution, which becomes a major concept throughout this piece. (Following this I would place the excerpt from the score below with annotations indicating each of the concepts I have outlined above)

What peices are you writing about? Very happy to help and further explain things if need be!

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