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At the moment, I am completing a portfolio of work of both essay and creative prose for both my enjoyment and in preparation for university application.
The idea for my next creative prose piece is to wrote in response to Anthony Burgess' 'A Clockwork Orange'.

My main inspiration is the metaphor of a 'clockwork orange', an element of living nature that has been reduced to systemic order through machinery, symbolic for the restrictions a heavily mechanised, and to a large extent, civilised world has inhibited human nature.

My idea, thus, was to write a short story heavily based on nature but use mechanical imagery where possible, in order to perhaps explore a different interpretation of mechanising the disorderly aspects of human nature rather than inhibiting it.

Brutality is a recurring theme in A Clockwork Orange, so my idea was of a rather short (600 words, perhaps) story of a woman in her garden planting some plants (the strong natural element) and accidentally slicing an earthworm with her spade, being initially shocked but then continuing to slice the worm up into little pieces, displaying the sadism of human nature within systematic ordered imagery - the clockwork orange, but an ironically ordered, mechanised version of a taboo inherent power-hunger. Much like Burgess' novel.

However, do you think this would be a plot worthy for a short story, or would need to be made more substantial - 'too bland', perhaps?
I wish to write a commentary linking this to A Clockwork Orange, are the links palpable?

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