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I had dealt with severe depression prior to coming to University and managed to work my way through it after a year. However, in my final year my stress levels are raising high and I don't know how much I can take. I'm worried about exams and coursework/grades a lot and have been working but my worries are still present. I do have moments where I feel I will be ok so it's not constantly impending doom but sometimes I get a deep pit in my stomach. I let go of the idea of getting a certain degree, I just hope it works out from the work I'm putting in and will leave it at that. I've got two exams and am quite worried for both of them despite being prepared, any advice/tips or words of wisdom? Also don't want to fail my dissertation which is 5000 words, any tips on that will help.
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Your uni will have a Student Support service and they can refer you to a counselling service. Not only will they expect to deal with folks with your underlying issue, they will be used to helping them deal with the specific stress points of uni that are causing you a problem.

As you'll already know, there are no magic wands for depression which will suddenly make everything OK. However a third party with the right expertise can coach you through coping strategies which could make your last year significantly easier. Please don't reach breaking point before asking for help. I can guarantee you aren't the only one in this situation. Help is out there and it's part of the uni service which you pay for via your tuition fee.

As far as your diss goes, the trick is to stay in touch with your supervisor as you work and trust them. It's their job to see that you complete your diss successfully, so make sure they know at any given time, what you're doing, why you're doing it and what you plan to do next. I sent mine email progress updates every fortnight and arranged meetings with him once a month. I invited his comments and expected him to redirect me if I started going off course. Take charge of that communication process and don't wait for your supervisor to do it - they'll have other diss students competing for their attention. Get their attention and keep it. Make it clear that you're taking the process seriously and that you expect them to do so as well.

Good luck!

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