Critique of argument question - help needed!

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Dear Law students, your help would be invaluable.

I have a jurisprudence essay due in under 2 weeks where I have to critique an argument in a text. I have planned well, annotated, and am comfortable with the material. I don't want anyone to do my essay for me.

The issue is that I have trouble deciding what the actual, sole argument is!
  • The writer brings up a few arguments and it could be either one
  • We also have to talk about the writer's larger thesis and what I think is the larger thesis could actually be the argument I need to critique.

I have attached a PDF containing a text I need to critique. Its quite short, and generally easy to read. I need to read pages 11-20 and I've done this 3 times to fully understand the material.

What is the one, overall argument that the writer makes here? A secondary question: what is the larger thesis?

This essay requires that I critique the correct argument. I'm improving and I want to learn from fellow students who can do this.

Thank you in advance. Hope this also provides a critiquing exercise for fellow law students
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