Chances of not meeting offer but still getting accepted? Help! Watch

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Has anyone known someone that didn't meet the grade requirements for their uni but still got accepted?

Of course this depends on countless factors, and since I'm planning to do accountancy I pretty much have to get the right grades since I've heard it's highly popular and competitive as a course - this is just a what if scenario, I'm not planning on trying to do minimal work to get into uni!

I've received offers from; Surrey, Aston, Kent, Leicester and Portsmouth

My firm will most probably be Kent or Leicester whilst Portsmouth is the backup, although I really hope I don't have to go there (nothing against the uni, just don't like the thought of missing out on my firm)

Let's say my offer is ABB, and I get BBB what are the chances of still getting accepted into one of the above three?

TLDR - If you miss your offer by one grade (or even two?!), could you still get accepted?
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I know people who have still been let into their unis for quite competitive degrees even though they've missed their offer by A LOT, at the end of the day it comes down to if the uni want you as an individual. They'll be more likely to be flexible if you had a good personal statement than if you didn't.

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