Psychology and Roehampton University and Accommodation

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Does anyone here currently study psychology at the Roehampton University and could possibly tell me more about the course?? Such as how lectures/seminars are delivered or interesting topics covered? And how you are assessed- exams or assessments etc.

I'm currently looking to transfer there to level 2 entry so any information about level 2/3 entry would be great!

I'm also wondering if any student accommodation would be best for a potential 2nd year?
As fun as freshers is I find at my current university-2nd year I've had to knuckle down a lot more so living with just freshers wouldn't be the best idea (I don't think anyway).

Any advice would be much appreciated !!
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I do. In second year you do 6 modules and they are mind body and brain, social and developmental psychology, perspectives in psychology, preparing for independent research, abnormal psychology and research methods. Lectures are between an hour and a half to two hours long and there are no seminars at all. I had two seminars last year and they were on journals in preparation for the mind body and brain exam. mind body and brain, social and developmental psychology and abnormal psychology are exam assessed. mbb is a 3 hour exam with half of it being multiple choice questions and the other half being 2 journals that you answer questions on. abnormal is looking at 2 disorders and writing essays, social is a multiple choice exam.

Probably best to live away from halls in a house because its really noisy and its quite difficult to concentrate if you want to study in your room but there is the library and some quiet rooms available around the different campuses. I dont think you would be able to apply for halls because its for first years only, they do take exceptions sometimes though. Its also cheaper to live in a house as they're increasing the accommodation price to about £145 a week.

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