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I need some help
he question is...

The Role of an MP

An MP has many roles. At the most basic level, an MP is a representative; but who or what, does an MP actually represent: constituency, party, sponsor, pressure group? MPs are elected under party labels although the primary relationshop is between MP's and their constituencies. Often this is unproblematic, as when MP's raise constituency matters at prime minister's questions. At other times, however, it may cause a conflict of roles for MP's. For example, many Labour MP's were opposed to the Iraq war, as were their constituents, whereas the party leadership supported it. On this, and other issues such as student tuition fees, many Labour MP's refused to toe the party line. When an MP acts in this way there is a possibility that s/he may lose the party whip. Others voted with the party leadership and ignored constituency pressures.

Question 4: Explain the term Prime Minister's questions used in the extract. (5 Marks)

Question 5: Using your own knowledge as well as the extract, explain why the threat of losing the party whip will usually persuade MP's to 'toe the party line'. (10 Marks)

Question 6: 'Parliament's most important function is to scrutinise and challenge the government, not maintain it in office until the next general election.' Discuss. (25 Marks)


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