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This Is quite long but here is my current situation I recently left school with my a levels grades B,C,D in biology , chemistry and maths respectively. I decided not to resit as I honestly tried my hardest but couldn't handle the exams. I took up a bookkeeping course and managed to get an apprenticeship working in the finance department at a school it was advertised as an account apprentice but I mainly just do invoice data entry and general office work as I work in the schools reception, I been doing this for about a month. But I been contacted by a restaurant chain to work in their accounts department the job is not mine but the chances are very high and if they do offer it to be should I take it. Here are the pros and cons of both jobs.

Current job
Paying for aat qualification but it doesn't start till march
Relaxed working environment, people are nice
close travel is about 25-30 minutes
Low pay
Management within the school is quite bad
Forced to do other admin task completely unrelated to finance.
Long term growth

New job
Better pay
More finance/accountancy focused job
Better long term experience wise
Travel will be like 1.5 hours
No study support initial/at all, it will be depend on performance
More stressful job tougher deadline etc

I not 100% sure what to do take it slow and stay with current job or take a risk and take change jobs and see if I can balance a full time job and self study for aat. I am worried that this will be my only chance to get a job that might lead into a career as I don't feel that my current job will give me the experience needed to make myself competitive and my I won't stand out in terms of academics.
If I do change jobs do I just be honest with my current employ or lie to them ?

What would you do in my position ?
Thanks in advance I just need to see it from other people perspectives.

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