How is the student life? Clubs/societies and leisure? Watch

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I am going to live in accommodation when I go to Uni. Since I'm living in an entirely new place, I want to see what this university has to offer me.

I play games frequently, including League of Legends since Season 1. I've noticed Essex even has a uni team for LoL which sounds like fun. e-Sports would be perfect for me as I enjoy watching it. (Speaking of which, for any LoL players reading this, LCS will be starting soon!

  • Does anybody know how active the e-Sports society is?
  • Tell me your elo, I want to know who I'm dealing with

I was Gold 2 but decayed because I focused more on studying after receiving my results. Hoping to hit Plat in my first year, if I have the time, so I can beat my twin brother!

I'm also an avid indie fan. I love talking about music openly to people who enjoy the same bands as me, so this is a great opportunity for me to either talk about music or maybe to discover more music to add to my Spotify playlists. I also saw that Essex has a Rock and Indie society which I am very interested in. In fact, I just listened to The Strokes while walking home and I'm listening to my favourite band Bombay Bicycle Club on the computer right now .

  • Are there many members within the Rock and Indie society?
  • What events are held?

Lastly for student life, I'm a skinny kid so I decided that I'm going to the university gym to look fitter and to feel healthier. You have to start somewhere, I guess?

  • How is the gym environment?
  • Is it spacious?
  • Does it cost anything? If so, how much?

I know that there are way more factors to take into account other than student life but it's important that I enjoy my time at any university so I can balance academic work and social life every week without becoming stressed or bored.

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