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Hello. Firstly apologies for asking things that have probably already been asked, I have researched but I'm selfishly seeking answers specifically to me!

I'm 27, 28 in August 2015, I've applied for the gunner regiment, am I 'too' old, will I struggle? I'm relatively fit, good strength, cardio needs straightening out a tad but nothing major.

I have my selection interview at the afco in just over a week, I have been revising, but just sought any advice or clarification on what I will need to know?

I passed my ast at the start of December, I scored well, 60+ on all sections and 4/5 on the other sections, meaning I'm eligible for nearly all trades, but, my academics, my GCSEs are my downfall being mainly D's, tests I took 10 years ago don't reflect who I am now.
I've seen and heard people talk down about the regiment, online and in person, obviously this isn't my opinion, but, would I be selling myself short based on my ast results? Is there any kind of waiver to assist me in securing another trade without going and resitting GCSEs, time isn't in my favour!

I want to join the RAF because I want a career, I want to join the RAF because even without initially knowing anything as in depth as I do now, I already held them in high regards, I respect them.

So if the gunners is my way in, so be it, not that it's an easy task I've read how strenuous it is.

That said, if I got in, could I resist a GCSEs equivalent in the RAF, and then potentially change trade?

Any and all advice/input will be appreciated monumentally, thank you, David.

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