Help needed for choosing A-Level options!

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Hello I am in year 11 currently having to choose my A-Level choices and I am still not sure on what to choose

I don't have a clue of what I want to do in the future so I wanted to keep my options open. I have narrowed it down to 5: Maths, Economics, History, G&P and Philosophy & Ethics.

I would like to do Maths but I am slightly worried about big the 'jump' is from GCSE to A-Level (in my mock i got an A but i think with more revision I could get an A*). My class is currently doing the Additional Maths qualification as we have finished the GCSE syllabus and i find that quite a big jump from GCSE's but not 'too' difficult. Economics looks interesting and I want to do another maths based subject (don't want too many essay ones) but as I haven't done Economics before I'm worried it won't be what i expect.

Then History is probably my best subject so that is my only definite option at the moment. Politics is something that interests me but I have seen that it is not the most well respected subject and worried it is too similar to History (especially as I am someone with no idea on what they want to do). Philosophy & Ethics is a subject I enjoy but I am not the best at (getting a B in my mock), so I am not sure if it is the best option for me

If anyone does any of these options, any advice will be appreciated!

Thank you
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I do maths, further maths, biology, chemistry, physics.
For maths, the jump up from GCSE to A-level is big, but the additional maths qualification is supposed to meet midway between GCSE and AS, so should make the jump easier. The only way you can truly know whether you will be capable of doing A-level maths is to try it.
5 is good if you can manage the workload.
Serine Soul
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I do Maths and I can tell you that the 'jump' isn't huge
As long as you enjoy it and keep up with everything in class, it's a great option.

As for your other choices all I can say is go for what you feel is right- what you enjoy and do best in. I found that I enjoyed the sciences so I chose two of them. To keep a 'variety' of things I also chose English Literature.

Remember that a new subject can be refreshing after doing the same subjects for two years

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