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Cousin confessed to me? What now watch

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    Last 3 three weeks ago to be precise.
    He told me he has feeling for me for quite a long while.
    I fail to notice this as I thought his ways of treating me was just like treating me as a little sister.
    No he does not like have a lot of physical contact with me so it's even harder to notice back then...

    I treat him as a big brother and help him with advices etc as he get confuse often. I have no attraction to him and he's a family member for gosh sake.

    First cousin, yes blood related. Same grandparent

    I cannot avoid him forever, we somehow will see each other soon.
    He claims to distant away and stop contacting me but he is constantly texting me everyday with same and lame conversation: what are you doing, how is uni, how is your studies.

    It has gotten to the point of irritating me.

    I am not sure if my friendliness or kindness has mislead him, I treat you with manners and respect merely because you're an older person and a family member.

    I feel too guilty or bad to say anything that would make anything awkward or tell him go away, you're being too clingy now.

    Should I avoid him, although it would be too apparent.

    I try shortening my replies or wait an hour or longer so it seems like I am busy or not in the mood but he still text me.
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    That's a very delicate issue, though he's kind of doing it to himself.

    As you don't want to make things awkward, I s'pose the first step would be to explain to him that it's wrong and so cannot happen.

    I can't see anything else that you could do without making things slightly awkward, so I think step two would be to say 'Look, I can't handle this anymore, you're making me uncomfortable' and try to avoid him/block him in the hopes of him backing off.

    If at this point he still persists then unfortunately you may have to talk to your parents about it, provided they agree that it's wrong and it's making you feel uncomfortable.

    It's nothing wrong if your cousin is your friend at the same time. When I used to live in the area where I grew up, I used to spend a lot of time with my cousin (I'm a guy). She was almost my best friend, we used to talk about everything, we went to the same parties, we had sleepovers (usually with her best friend (girl) together, who I used to date). Everything was normal because we weren't that stupid and we knew the limits, I just liked her as a person. All this happened when I was 15-16 years old. Now I lost connection with her as I moved to different country for studies. I really miss those days. So, I would say don't try to get rid of your cousin because some day you may feel sorry for that. Just try to talk to him and say that there can't be any feelings as you're almost a family. I bet he's just desperate about girls, that's why he's talking such bull****.

    Wow this is deep.

    He messed up and looks like you gotta clean it up. I suggest telling him you need space so avoid contact.

    I wouldn't tell any family member, could get more messy

    Avoid telling family member because it can be awkward and embarrassing.

    Try and slowly distant away from him...Gradually and hopefully he will go away.

    If he still persistently disturb you, you will have to tell him straight. The longer you drag this then the worse it might become. It's awkward or hard or whatever but it will come to an end!

    Tell him if he goes with it, your kids will have cross eyes and webbed toes. Or worse still end up like this guy...


    That should put him off.
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