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i do not know how best to explain my situation, so forgive me if it doesn't make sense!

i started a ba in 2004 but due to personal issues including my nans death i did not pass my exams... i could have applied for extenuating circumstances etc but didnt so restarted in 2005. just as i was finishing my 1st year i found out i was pregnant but returned to complete my 2nd year in 2007-2008. i then went on to my final year but there were many issues that i had to deal with especially coping with a young child and the break up with my sons father, i didnt keep up and did not complete the year. when i spoke to the dpartment head, she said i would be able to retake the year out of attendance but i did not feel ready for study so did not return. i was awarded with a diphe and have since felt totally miserable and upset that i did not complete my course, but seeing as i had been suffering during that time with many issues such as an aggressive abusive relationship, having a baby, staying in a homeless hostel with a baby, starting a home for the first time, splitting up with my son's father, my parents seperation... the list goes on!!... i have decided to find out if i could in any way achieve a degree now that i am in a much stronger and stable postion.

my problem is this: could i get funding if i have already received 4 years funding? i am talking about tuition fees and maintenance loans, as i would never in a million years be able to fund it myself.

i have no idea how the system works as i started my course before the new system came in, whether i could get funding to 'top up' my diphe or whether i would start again from the beginning... i have researched but found no definite answers only that i may get funding if i study part time?

any advice at all would be really appreciated, i really do not know what to do next!!


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