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So a short summery when I finished my GCSE's I had no idea what I wanted to do at college or University, I ended up being pigeonholed by my parents into an electrics course that I disliked and gave up on after it finished.

From there I worked for a few years in a mediocre retail job before I decided to travel to Taiwan and Japan (I had been flirting with the idea of learning a language) with some of the money I had saved. While in Taiwan I met some Leeds students that were studying Chinese there for the year but one of them was like me and did not study for A-Levels. Instead he said he went on an "Access" course and was accepted into Uni to study the language that way.

Personally I would like to Study Chinese or Japanese language at University, with a hope of working in Translation. So just a few questions:

1. I finished High school with GCSE C's in most important subjects (Maths, Science etc) apart from English which I received a D in, should I do a retake before I apply to Access?

2. If I want to study Language at Uni, would I be correct in picking a humanities Access diploma?

3. The Access website says application ends after January, but I can't find any courses on the webpage within 50 miles of my town. But my local college (Chichester) say they have access courses, anyone know why this is?

4. Does anyone here have any personal experience with Access? would you recommend it for my situation?

Thank you for reading and for any help/advice in advance
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1. Yes. You can either do the English GCSE before you start an Access course or do it alongside the Access course, but you must do it.

2. Yes.

3. The Access course website is rubbish and out of date, if your local college says they do it then they do it.

4. I don't, but there are a lot of people in the mature section of the forum who do have Access experience.

I will also say that you should probably start learning a language now (it need not be Chinese or Japanese), but admissions staff like to see a demonstrated ability to learn languages.
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I'm going on to do Scandinavian Studies with swedish from an access course. The course is great but a lot of work, and I have also been learning a language in my free time for the past year to the extent that I can speak it conversationally. You can do gcse English alongside the access course but try and do a fast track language gcse or at least self teach.

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