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    I've been on an antipsychotic for 6 months now for psychosis and my memory, although never brilliant, is truly abysmal now. I keep forgetting everything and regularly forget whole days ever happened.

    The worst thing is when I'm doing internal thinking like what to type in a TSR response or any thought process that requires more than one level of thinking - for instance I think of one thing then work out the next step before realising that I've completely forgotten the first step (I probably didn't explain that very well). I've tried writing things down but even then if I don't specify every single thing in my notes I forget what I wanted to do - for example I wrote "call landlord" on a bit of paper and I have no idea now why I wrote to do that :confused: I guess it'd be funny if it wasn't so ridiculous.

    So, onto the question: is such bad memory caused by antipsychotics or is it a consequence of the psychosis itself? Or is neither true and I'm just a bit slow? Anyone else get this side effect (if indeed it is a side effect)?

    TL;DR I have poor memory is this because of my medication, mental health condition or just me?
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    Can't help but I'm in the same boat.

    I ould say it is more due to the antipsychotic then psychosis. Maybe try to cut down to the lowest dose possible? Also, read up on antipsychotic effects on memory, consider if you really need the medicine

    In answer to your question, I think it could be a mixture of all three, unfortunately!

    I myself am a forgetful person, could not remember a thing during episodes of psychosis, and when I was in remission from psychotic symptoms found the antipsychotics to slow my memory dramatically at certain doses - there are studies that have proved that they can slow cognitive functions, particularly at high doses.

    It may be worth asking for a medication review?
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