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    So this will be very spoiler heavy for anyone who hasn't watched it coz I have lots of different things to say

    I've been re-watching the series and i think its actually quite shocking how my perceptions of many of the characters and story arcs have changed, partly due to knowing how it all ends and partly because I am now far more critical of what I watch (I love picking my favorite shows to pieces)

    Keep in mind that while this will sound like I hate the series I actually really enjoyed the first half or so of it but that doesn't protect it from my wrath.

    First point of order- Pres Roslin- Her character in the miniseries is great, a dying leader who has to butt heads with the military to save the rest of the human race. However from the moment she goes crazy (IE starts gambling the human race on the assumption that she is the prophet and not just experiencing hallucinations because of the drug she is taking) i developed a big dislike for her. She supports mutiny and then splits the fleet but because she ends up being right about the arrow all is forgiven. I don't object to religion in Sci-fi but when you start getting magic as the driving force behind the plot I think you have fantasy in space and not a real sci-fi

    Second point of order-Baltar- OMG, what a tosser, firstly everyone is constantly calling him a genius for a computer system that the cylons used to kill most of the human race, then he makes a cylon detector that doesnt work. Then there is the fact that he is clearly mentally unstable (i dont care that we later find out he is an angel)

    This feeds into point three- Everyone on the show is terrible at whatever they do at least to some degree, Saul Tigh is the vice commander with absolutely no skill at command, no social skills, and is pretty much always wrong, Adama responds to one ship being stolen by becoming a dictator rather than calling for a re-election where a less nutty president would win, the cylons seem to have agents in pretty much every high up position there is but they seem to really not want to win. I mean yea having boomer shoot Adama is good TV, but if they actually wanted to win she is a pilot, she flies ships with nukes on board them, at any time she could have blown up the entire battle ship.

    Point four is only a minor point because I understand the reasons for it- There are basically 50 or so people on the battlestar. They have less than 20 pilots, about 20 people in the command room, the main cast, 10 or so interchangeable marines, and one doctor for the entire fleet. The lack of crew generally i appreciate because they can't have thousands of extras (though it does raise the question do they actually even need more than those 50 people to run the battlestar) but when Adama is shot they have literally one doctor in the entire fleet and because he isnt there they have to get a medic to do the operation. Thats one doctor for 50,000 people. Even the worst areas in africa have a better doctor patient ratio.

    Point five- that finale, how stupid can you be? I hate the anti-technology message that the only way to break the cycle is to give up all the knowledge and culture you have and go bone some cavemen and farm stuff. The idea that all we need is simple living. Its rubbish like that that has people believing that natural=good, like the big fad diet of this year has been the caveman diet the idea that food is healthier when you don't cook it. Utter nonsense. (I am aware there is data supporting health benefits of raw foods but none of those studies advocate a pure raw food diet and studies on pure raw food diets have quite negative findings)

    Anyway I'm up to the bit where the fleet just got reunited and that cylon reporter did a piece on the military (bonus point 6 its stupid how many people are cylons, i have a running joke that whenever a new character comes on screen me and my Dad say that they are obviously a cylon). Can't wait to watch another episode tomoz I'm gonna stop before the whole cult of Baltar thing though, coz IMO thats when it jumped the shark.

    Thoughts anyone? I've been stewing on this for a while nd i searched online for people who agree with me (i know thats pretty bad lol) but i found that very few people dislike Roslin as much as I do.
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Updated: January 8, 2015
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