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Meeting someone who reminds you exactly of someone you've met in the past

I´m starting this thread because of an experience I had where I met someone who reminded me exactly of someone I had met a few years previously.

When I was at secondary school, there was a teaching assistant a few years older than me called Pascale. He was in several of my lessons and I knew him for about 2 or 3 years. Although I can´t say we were ever Friends, I used to speak to him sometimes and obviously because he was in a lot of my lessons I saw quite a lot of him and got to know his general personality quite well.

Last summer, in July 2014, I had to do jury service. On the same jury as me was a guy who reminded me identically of pascale in every aspect of his personality. I was with him on the same jury for 2 weeks so also saw a lot of him through interaction, etc.

Obviously I am familiar with the idea that there are different types of people, and I´ve met people who I would say are similar, but the resemblance between these two guys was uncanny.

They had the same tone and manner of voice, same views on things, same facial expressions and mannerisms, the same way of walking, and even the same head movements and way of sitting.

They were pretty much the same height. Their way of socializing and responding to things was absolutely identical, and it was actually a weird experience for me because they resembled one another so remarkably. They had even done similar Jobs and dressed similarly, although obviously they looked different.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Also would be interested to hear people's opinions on how this occurs from a sociological standpoint.

PS. Please no rubbish or rude posts as I am not looking for an argument, but simply opened this thread as a point of interest.
this exact thing is happening to me right now. and i’m wondering if because the original person i knew was just logistically unattainable, despite how much i cared for and loved this person, the universe is giving them back to me in a new form