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If occupational health find out about self-harm watch

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    I've tried googling this topic and have seen quite a few people mentioning that university occupational health services normally require you take time out if they know you have been self-harming, and require you to have been self-harm free for a year before returning to your studies. The websites had said this in the context of nursing students so I'm not sure if the rules are the same for other courses. I know it probably depends on the university, but I was wondering what other people's experience of this has been? If your university found out that you self-harm, what did they do?

    I'm worried about not being allowed to stay on my course. I'm a medical student and have already had time out of studying for mental health reasons, and have to see occupational health normally twice a semester because of that. I have been cutting recently and have been getting help for it from my GP. I haven't done it anywhere that patients would see, and am not suicidal. Hopefully it will be unlikely but if the occupational health service did find out- if they asked directly, or if it was mentioned in a gp letter or something, would it be possible that they could ask me to leave due to fitness to practice etc.?

    Sorry, this might have been better in the medicine subforum than the mental health one, but I'd prefer to be anonymous if possible.

    You have sought help from you GP and so it is unlikely to be a FTP issue - it would become one if you lied were you to be directly asked about it however.

    Occupational health exist to help you to complete your course - they are not the enemy - and they would not be able to disclose anything to the medical school without your permission unless it would result in significant harm not to.

    Many medical students (and doctors) actively self-harm; some conceal it, others don't, but it generally doesn't affect their professional life and isn't therefore an occupational health type issue.

    I have never heard of a medical student being asked to leave, or take a year out, solely for self-harming.
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