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GCSE Options watch

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    At the moment I am in year 9 trying to work out my GCSE choices. Earlier today, I had a parents evening which got rid of some options but not all.

    We have to take:
    English (Language and Liturature)
    Double Science
    One Language (French)

    I have so far only decided on two out of my three choices and a reserve so I was wondering if anyone could give me a little bit of advice choosing the third option and a reserve choice?

    Options I Am Going To Take:
    Triple Science

    Options I Can't Choose From:
    Product Design
    Geography(I thought I was rubbish at it but turn out from the parents evening I'm actually quite good)

    I am completely stuck and haven't got a clue what to choose. I have to make this choice by sometime in February so it would be amazing if anyone could help.

    Thank you!!
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    GCSE choices can be quite difficult, but what you have to think about is not only what you're 'good at' but also what you'll enjoy. Art is a very laborious choice with a hefty amount of homework and incredibly long exams -- it really does require a certain amount of skill if you wish to take it. Product Design can be quite interesting, but I didn't take it. From what I've heard, it can get quite repetitive and a little boring. ICT is usually a course that many, many GCSE students take. It's relatively simple and quite easy - you'll find yourself learning about web design, spreadsheets and the like. If you enjoy working with computers, you should find it enjoyable and fairly easy.
    Geography is quite a good course to take, there's a lot of content and a fair bit of coursework/prep to do for exams. If you're good at it and you enjoy it, go for it.

    I can't really give much advice because it's a personal choice and it's really down to your personal preference. But make sure that you pick courses you'll engage in to achieve the best grades you possibly can for your exams.

    Hope this helped a little!

    From your options I didn't take any of them - but it depends for each one.
    Geography is a good GCSE to have, its highly regarded by Universities for the future.
    Art takes a lot of time and dedication, so if you are good at it and are going to enjoy putting all the effort in, that would be an option.
    ICT is also a good option to take, in fact I wish I had taken it when I look back. It will be really useful for life in general as well as many careers that are looking for ICT skills. Basically I think ICT would be the most useful for later in life.
    Product Design all depends on whether you'd enjoy it. The coursework is mangeable.

    With your options already, it would make sense to take a more creative subject like Art or product design to make things different. Having said that, it all depends on which one you would enjoy the most. But try not to close doors on possible careers you want to go down when you are older.
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