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How to lose weight if you’re really fat and going nowhere quickly watch

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    A little about myself…I was really fat two years ago. My BMI was 32.4. Six months later my BMI was 25.4. Six months later it was 23.3. It is now 22.9. So I have been successful and I want to share my story with you.

    First thing to do is to have the right mindset. If you lose the same 10kg 10 times, you’ve lost 100kg but you’re still fat. When people diet, 65% put it all back on. So don’t diet. Don’t call it a diet. By calling it a diet you’re accepting that this is a temporary change. You’re saying…”I love stuffing my face and I hate exercise but if it gets me X,Y or Z then ill put up without these things for the next few weeks”. NO. What you need to tell yourself is that ‘I am making a change in my life’. From today, I will do what millions of people in the world do, I will eat sensibly and increase my activity level to a sensible level. I will stop doing stupid, lazy things. You do need a numerical target and my tip is to use your BMI and say that anything under 25 is good enough. But there’s two parts to the target, the weight loss and the period of time you have to keep it that low after you get to that weight – the latter is the key. For me this was 1 year. One year of having a normal weight and I knew I had succeeded.

    Everyone has his or her own philosophy on the mechanics of how to lose weight. Everyone’s lives are different and have different limitations on time, resources and knowledge. So I wouldn’t say there is one particular way to do it. The simple rule, as you would know, is calories out > calories in by some target number of calories per day. It doesn’t matter what mechanics you employ the hardest part is getting going and sticking to it.

    Rituals are key to get you going. Right at the start, I was having so much difficulty in getting going. I would “diet” for a couple of days and then give up and probably overcompensate. Then I came up with this great technique. Say to yourself…I will do this one thing, this one difficult and useful thing each day and I will do this NO MATTER WHAT. For me this was 1000 kcal on the stationary bike. I could wake up at 12pm and eat a shedload of pizza if I wanted but I had to do my one thing. Amazingly, it changed my attitude completely. Suddenly I felt guilty eating too much. This little bit of discipline allowed me to build discipline into everything I did. I added rituals as I went along, just one or two smaller things, like not eating anything but fruit at night if I’m hungry for example. Rituals are also crucial because they build good habits. It is this habit-building that allowed me to keep the weight off once I had reached my target weight.

    So once you get started, what keeps you going? Progress is what makes you happy and what ultimately keeps you going when things are tough. Fitting into jeans you couldn’t fit into before, members of the opposite sex becoming interested in you as you walk in the room – these are great things but they don’t happen every day. I weighed myself everyday, with two weighing scales for the 6 months where I lost some 20 kilos. I did that because each day when I realized that ive lost 3 kilos or 6 kilos or 12 kilos etc, it motivated me – I felt I was making progress and that was so important.

    I would say, do whatever you want to lose weight but remember these three key things: mindset, rituals and measuring and monitoring progress.

    So that’s my story. I hope it helps someone somewhere.

    Thank you for this post! I was wondering how to go about loosing weight, and I feel that this is a massive help. I am unsure if you are still active but I wish you the best and pray the Lord bless you! ❤
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