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    I'm really struggling on an assignment in computer science especially python side of the course! I'm studying python and i'm stuck with coding and how to lay out the design stages such as - Test tables, development stages, coding annotations flowcharts
    But mainly the coding
    Anyone able to help please? ((GCSE))

    Hello, I'm doing GCSE computer science at the moment! I've learnt that generally, if possible, test tables should be set out as;

    Valid Data
    Extreme Valid Data
    Invalid Data
    Extreme Invalid Data

    For example if you were testing the programs ability to accept a name input you would use;

    Valid Data - John (Very basic data you expect to work)
    Extreme Valid - John Green (A little more complex, but should still work)
    Invalid Data - 8392 (Simple data that the program should not accept)
    Extreme Invalid - 2h3329ma1010cjjsi (Again, a little more complex and should not work)
    Erroneous - @}~:{@}?>> (Something that really, really should not be accepted as a name)

    It helps to repeat this 2-3 times to prove that it really does work how it should, and provide evidence each time you do it. Explain what you expect to happen with each input and what actually happened, if it works as it should state that but if it doesn't look for the problem and solution and explain this with it.

    Development stages are there to document your progress of you coding the program. You start off with the very basic things you need to do, such as tell the user what the program does, screenshot this and explain what you've done. Then as you get more and more code do this each time, but make sure you record any problems you have and how you managed to fix them. This shows that you are able to identify what went wrong and you know how to fix it.

    Coding annotations don't have much to them, they don't have to be massive but they are good practice and make it clear you know what they are for. Say you have the line;

    print('You will now begin the maths quiz:')

    You'd annotate something along the lines of '#This line introduces the program to the user'

    There are a couple of ways to get to a flowchart, a good way is to use pseudo code (a mix of programming language and sentences). Analyse what needs to be done and get the outline of it put into pseudo code, this should help making you turn it into a flowchart easier. Also, looking at basic examples online are a good way to learn and to make sure you know what the symbols mean;


    What coding problems are you having?
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