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Afterskool @ the Quad

While suffering from monday blues this morning decided to check out LSE's SU on Saturday. £5.00 for entry, drinks for £1. Indie pop... hmmmm.. Will let u know if it's any good. Trying to justify going out clubbing by telling myself that I'm effectively going on some kind of open day. just at night. lol.
It's pretty crap. If you want a decent(ish) night at LSE then go on Friday to Crush. It's cheap entry, cheap drinks, dodgy music and overcrowding. What more could you want? :tongue:

One thing- if you're going to Crush make sure that you have an NUS card (or even better, a ULU card), otherwise you might find it hard to get in.
Carr Saunders Halls, LSE
London School of Economics
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i agree with muvverrussia.
it's really crap. i went there once and i never will again.
i thought i had got lost in a parallel universe populated only by david bowie's clones. not to mention most people were really old and sketchy and i hated the music.
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Do any of you have experience of the Ministry Of Sound night during LSE Freshers Week or is this just urban myth?
I've been to ministry many times- it's normally pretty good on Wednesdays as it's student only and pretty cheap for London. I remember during fresher's week (or slightly after) there were uni vs uni competitions there- it was crazy.

I don't think we had an official night there this year btw, although we did have some good club nights including Yacht club and No3 organised by the SU (Jimmy actually managed to do something for once......). Instead all students in London just go there- you're guaranteed to meet other LSE people there regardless, I remember one time meeting half my econ class there.
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i have never been to ministry [not into the music].
i went to turnmills on fresher's week though, it was ok i suppose.
fresher's week is a chaos. everyone and their mother is trying to convince you that theirs is THE official fresher's party. we had a fresher's "month of madness" which was reduced to a fortnight the following year so im pretty sure that anything you might want to do will be on offer some place or another.
yeah, they still called it the 'month of madness' even though it went on when we were way into classes and lectures.

Also, watch out for societies- I know that this year I'll be dragging a load of unsuspecting freshers towards the aiesec table at fresher's fayre followed by drinks in Shakespeare's Head.

BTW- anonymity, have you heard about the Columbia bar?
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not sure... have i heard what? :wink:
LSE has bought the columbia bar and they're redeveloping it into a student cafe/bar, as well as making the prices more student friendly (they'll probably get rid of the Hoegaarden though..... :frown: ). So we now have the Tuns, Beaver's retreat, the george (V?) and the columbia bar. Needless to say though I've only ever been in the Tuns lol.
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oh yeah i'd heard that. although i also heard that they might be selling the tuns in 5 year's time despite the refurbishing [aww, all those vomit stains will be gone from the carpets].
the beaver's retreat is a scary place. it seems like the dress code requires you to wear elbow patches with attitude.
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Thanks Muvver... Cant make it on Friday tho. Was going to hit the ten rooms or tantra on sat. but broke so that's been ruled out. Afraid it's going to have to b afterskool.. I heard that trash on monday's was quite good tho...