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    URGH. I'm not one to discuss my personal issues over the Internet, but at this moment in time I just need to vent, if that even what it is, to someone or something.
    Today my ex was confirmed an internship at a massive global law firm for her placement year at university.
    Whilst I'm sitting at home, having dropped out of university in September and I'm currently stuck in a part-time retail job not knowing what I want to do in life full stop. I feel like I'm playing monopoly, only I'm stuck in the jail whilst everyone around me is achieving and progressing with the game.
    It doesn't help that she's my ex either.
    Life is just so boring and lame at the moment and I can't find a way to get out of this sink hole!

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    (Original post by Baloney)
    not knowing what I want to do in life
    When I was in that state, a visit to the public library was a huge help. My local - smallish - library has about 5 shelves of books on just that. Many were much the same as one another but there's a few I found helped:

    "I don't know what I want but I know it's not this" ✔
    "Career Building - Your Total Handbook for Finding a Job and Making It Work” ✔
    "More to Life Than Shoes" ✔
    "Choosing your career : work out what you really want to do with your life" ✔
    "The Which? guide to choosing a career" ✔
    "Cool careers" ✔
    John Williams' Screw Work Let's Play ✔
    Gerry Robinson's I'll Show Them Who's Boss ✔
    Richard Branson's Screw It, Let's Do It ✔

    Many people rave about "What color (sic) is your parachute?"

    You see, this is why capitalism drives people to suicide.

    Honestly, it is a massive achievement, but do not compare yourself to her. You are different people. You do not have to have a 'better' career path than her.

    Having said that, as an adult you should be working towards some form of financial security i.e. job, retail job at very least.

    edit: Also, it's an internship, lots of people get one (girls in particular-hot girls in particular, that's Patriarachy Hurting Men Too brah be aware). It's not like she's just made CEO
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